Yoga's Inner Journey

for students, teachers and spiritual aspirants

5-month Spiritual Mentorship and Development program, working through the lens of Classical Yoga, Meditation, and Somatic Listening

Program begins June 2021

Now accepting applications

available in person or over Zoom

Saturday's from 1:00PM - 5:00PM

unlimited yoga classes included during the length of the course

​Cost: $1820

What we will Cover

  • History and Evolution of Yoga

  • Classical Yoga Lineage

  • Dance Between Matter and Consciousness

  • Yogas 8 Fold Path

  • Spirit behind Yoga Postures

  • Yoga of Relationships

  • 5 Sheaths of the Human Being

  • 5 Afflictions

  • Yoga of Work

  • The Branches of Yoga

  • Yoga Pranayama

  • Clairvoyance Development

  • Study of Energetic Yoga Anatomy


Want to become a certified teacher?

continue after inner journey for 8 weeks to become a certified teacher

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Principles of Alignment

  • Practice Teaching

  • How to Hold Sacred Space

  • Ethics of Yoga

  • Vocation of Yoga


attendance for all sessions required(or special arrangement with teacher)

Cost: $740 additional

Meeting Dates

to be announced


Being led by a master teacher, who comes from a rich, preserved tradition of Yoga has drawn me closer to the lineage of my practice. This is Yoga as a way of life, as a path of the Spirits development and awakening.
- Jess Radovich

My experience at MotherHeart has been holy and wild. This practice and way of teaching is a refreshing response to the chaotic, disconnected, body-obsessed Yoga culture that many have experienced, including myself. Dawn is a vessel, through which love flows through, teaching with a beautiful balance of knowledge and spirit. I have healed and learned much under her mentorship.
-Sarah Good 

It's hard to put the effects of the Inner Journey program into words. I can say it is life changing. It's given me freedom in a way I've never been able to access before. Permissions that were taken away have been restored. Dawn is a wealth of wisdom, clearly having been through the journey herself many times before and freely shares, challenges, and intrigues. If you're a seeker, I highly recommend the Inner Journey Program.

-Amanda Daley