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has been teaching Yoga for 27 years in the United States, and has also taught yoga classes in India, Hawaii, Costa Rica, New Mexico, and Ireland. She received her formal training in Yoga at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, India, where she lived under the guidance of her Teacher, Dr. Jayadeva Yogendraji from 1999-2000. She has since made another Pilgrimage to Varanasi India 3 years ago. Dawn was ordained Spiritual Healer by Divine Light Ministry in 2005, after 3 years of studying the esoteric yoga tradition, and opened MotherHeart in 2012, where she trains Yoga Teachers. She published Rooted Magazine, dedicated to unearthing the traditional Roots of Yoga and lifting up modern day mystics and pilgrims. Her style of teaching is serious where it needs to be and playful where it is helpful to the teaching, but always authentic and from the heart. 
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