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Resource The Traveler

This is the newest program at MotherHeart Hermitage! Resource the Traveler is a 12 week course that explores the intersections of Yoga Philosophy and Social Justice, while creating space and offering support to move your grief. 

 It is a journey to gather inner resources through ancient stories, ritual, movement, breathwork, and more. 

This is an offering of beauty, catharsis, reflection, and connection, and clarity in the midst of uncertainty. We can slow down to find and cultivate the wisdom within ourselves and each other. We can grieve and offer the earth and our brothers and sisters around the world our respecting tears and we can rest to reset our dream and learn new ways to resist what needs resisting.
This program will begin in July and meet from 12-4:30pm on Saturdays. Investment: $900
Please email with your questions or to request a space in the program. 


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