New! at MotherHeart

"Sangha Dance" Friday's @ 6pm with Dawn

"Sangha" means Community. This donation-based class will be facilitated by Dawn in a slightly heated room. We will dance our hearts out in free form dance to an awesome playlist, and cool down with some Yoga.  This class is designed to make you feel free. 

Workshop this Sunday, 12/6 11:30-2:30pm $35
With Jessica Radovich
Relaxing into Strength:  Making contact with deeper life through surrender
 Expect teaching, a yoga nidra practice (yogic sleep) and time to go within.  Beginners and Beginner's Mind welcome.

Classes for a Cause

~Thursday 12/3 @ 7pm, led by Joey Mason
100% of Donations go to The Last Stop Recovery House.

MotherHeart Studio is dedicated to initiating and caring for true seekers on the path of yoga, and facilitating self study and growth in a gentle, compassionate way.

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