Class Prices

Drop In:  $18

5 Class Package: $80 ($16 per class, valid for 6 months)

10 Class Package: $150 ($15 per class, valid for 1 year)

One month unlimited yoga package: $125

Please Note: there are no refunds

Class Descriptions

Classical Yoga: This class is rooted in the Classical Yoga Tradition and addresses the whole person. Postures and breathing practice will cleanse, strengthen, and stretch the body, while cues from the teacher will invite the student to clear the mind and pay attention to what is coming up emotionally. The teacher will also offer emotional and spiritual inspiration. A long, deep relaxation at the end of class will help the student to assimilate and integrate the practices and insights so that they become a source of deep calm and well being.


Precision and Care Vinyassa:  Vinyassa Yoga offers sequential movement that interlinks postures to eventually form a flow from practice to practice, joined with breath. The precision aspect of class is found in the attention to alignment and detail. The care aspect of class is in its gentle, acceptance based approach. This class is designed to be challenging, but accessible to most.

Emotional Care Vinyassa Yoga: sequential movement that interlinks postures to form a flow from practice to practice, joined with breath, and focused on caring for the emotional health of the student. This class is designed to be challenging, but accessible to most.

Restorative Yoga: Explore each posture in terms of surrender. We will linger in mostly floor practices, letting go of stress, and reflecting on the class theme. This class offers restoration, stress relief, spiritual refection, and emotional healing. Not recommended for pregnant students, as alot of time is spent on the belly, back, and in twisting postures.

PreNatal/Postnatal Yoga: Suitable for women in all stages of pregnancy and after giving birth. Practices will be safe and will help prepare and heal a mother both mentally and physically for the birth process and after, while deepening the connection with her baby/babies and body, through its changes.

Invigorating Hatha Yoga: Simple Stretching and Breathing Practices to wake up the brain first thing in the morning and to start the day off right. 


Vinyassa/Yin: The first half of this class will slowly flow thru Yoga's Sun Salutations to build strength and endurance. The second half of this class will hold restorative postures for deep stretching and release. 


Slow Flow: A slow paced, fluid Yoga practice. Between sequences of postures, we will pause to strengthen or deepen the flow of our breathing. This class is open to all levels of practice. 

Kundalini Yoga: Mostly seated, dynamic practice, that centers on Yoga Kriya, or energetic cleansing practice. Using breath work, chanting, and meditation, the practitioner works to overcome mental unrest. Not recommended students with vertigo.  


Donation Classes/Offerings: a $5-$15 donation is recommended, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Kirtan:  Kirtan is a vocal and musical means to connect with Spirit, ones own sense of devotion, and the collective heart of the community.  All are welcome.


Women's Circle: All who identify as female are welcome. We will take a story from the book 'Women Who Run with Wolves' and discus the significance in our spiritual development and then we will sing together.



Men's Group: All who identify as male are welcome. We will look at 4 of the male archetypes, the Warrior, King, Lover, and magician, and discuss the development and integration of the male energy, moving toward wholeness. An activity or meditation may be offered to support the work.


West African Dance with Live Drumming: This class is very energetic, spirited, and fun.  Expect to sweat. Everyone can dance with some willingness to learn and a spirit of adventure.  We start with a warm up to prepare the body for later choreography. Then we piece together a dance that tells a story of traditions from West Africa. Please bring water and an open heart and mind. Women bring a sarong or fabric to tie around the waist

Membership: $100 monthly - auto pay

*membership allows 3 classes per week ($216 value

Body work/Energy Work Menu

  • Reiki: Dawn 484-885-9081 *we have several Reiki practitioners

  • Reflexology: Dawn 484-885-9081

  • Private Yoga: Dawn 484-885-9081

  • Swedish Massage/Sports Massage Ryan 267-229-9917

  • Pranic Healing: Corey 267-975-2870  

  • Progressive Bodywork(reiki, shiatsu, and therapeutic touch) with Katie 973-216-3668 and Michelle: 856-313-7337

  • Sacred Music lessons with Angelo John:

  • Thai Massage: Malea 215-495-7570  

​MotherHeart Yoga Sangha is dedicated to initiating and caring for true seekers on the path of Yoga in a skillful and compassionate way.

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