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Reiki School at MotherHeart Yoga Sangha

A year long program dedicated to teaching the Usui Reiki method, attuning students into 1st , 2nd , and 3rd degree of Reiki, with certifications. Students will learn techniques and meditations associated with each degree of Reiki and will give and receive reiki healing every meeting time. All materials and books needed will be included in the cost of the program.

Year Tuition: $3000



20% off Reiki and Massage Treatments at MotherHeart and 50 yoga classes
during the year training.



Dawn Smelser



Founder of MotherHeart Yoga Sangha, Dawn Smelser has been leading Yoga classes and Training programs for 21 Years. She was initiated Sadhaka(seeker) by The Yoga Institute, in Mumbai, India where she lived under the guidance of her Guru, the late, Dr. Jayadeva Yogendra from 1999-2000. She has since made a second pilgrimage to India. Dawn was ordained as a Spiritual Healer by Divine Light Ministries, where she attended Physic School from 2005-2008, under the guidance of Lino Aleylunas, renowned Medium and Medicine woman.

Starts May 10th 2020

We will meet a 2 times per month, with added Reiki Share times, and assigned homework.


Submit a Letter of Intent to




May 10 & 17
June 14 & 21
July 12 & 19
Aug 23 & 30
Oct 11 & 18
Nov 1 st only
Dec 13 & 20
Jan 10 & 24
Feb 21 & 28
March 14 & 21
April 18 & 25
May 2 & 9

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