Najat Ahmed
Bhakti Flow

My yoga quest began in 2012 when a friend introduced me to a documentary called “Yoga Is A Transformational Journey”. I started practicing at home from watching Youtube videos and eventually found myself working the front desk at the Yoga Garden. Here, I was able to broaden my experience while learning from great teachers such as Damodor of Palo Santo Wellness, David Hem of Healing fields and Cohbe Berkeley of Vibes & Vinyasa. Fast forward to September 2019, I completed the Inner Journey and Teacher Training Program at Motherheart with Dawn’s expertise guiding my education. As a new instructor, I’d like to cultivate an environment that’s approachable, integrative and restorative for students. My wish is to bring yoga to those who are seeking groundedness, balance and deep connection within themselves.


Anssumane Silla

West African Dance

An accomplished dancer and drummer, Anssumane Silla began performing at the age of 11 in his native Guinea Bissau. He has danced professionally for over 18 years with the National Ballet of Guinea Bissau. He was also a member of the contemporary dance troupe, Africa Estranha. With these ensembles, he performed for ambassadors, presidents and other international dignitaries and for the public throughout Ginnea Bissau. He has also performed in Mali, Senegal, The Gambia, South Africa and Libya.

While working with African Estanha, Mr. Silla performed pieces that address strife and suffering, including abuse of power and inequitable access to clear water and other vital resources, in Guinea Bissau, which has been torn apart by coups and political violence for decades.

Since arriving in Philadelphia in 2008, Mr. Silla has toured numerous states, performing as a dancer and drummer with the African Cultural Arts Collective (formerly Voices of Africa Drum Ensemble). He has been a featured artist for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council Humanities on the Road initiative, and a choreographer for the Kulu Mele African Dance Ensemble. In addition to teaching traditional (Bijagos, Balanta, Fula, and Manjaco) and contemporary dance styles from Guinea Bissau, he teaches a range of other West African dance styles in studios and schools in various Philadelphia neighborhoods.


Ryan Stracci
Message Therapist

For the past decade I have dedicated my efforts towards the pursuit of one goal...balance...physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  Massage therapy opened that door and has afforded me the opportunity to not only achieve it for myself, but also provide it for my clients.  I attended the National Massage Therapy Institute in Philadelphia and have since enhanced my craft through hands on experiences and additional certifications.  I've been fortunate to offer my services at luxury spas, chiropractic offices and for a variety of job fairs and health care providers.  I was able to share my knowledge as an instructor of massage therapy, guiding students towards their goals.  Along the way I've received training in several modalities, including Reiki, deep tissue therapy and sports massage.  I am nationally certified and licensed in the states of PA and NJ.


As I have evolved as an individual and a massage practitioner, so has my understanding of the concept of balance.  It is this understanding I hope to share with all of you.  Our time together will be tailored towards your needs and your goals.  You will not feel rushed.  We will be within sacred walls, so you will feel comfortable.  My unique style, a blend of energy work, assisted stretching and soothing pressure, will be executed through a methodical and thoughtful pace.  I look forward to potentially meeting you all, and would be honored to work with you on my table.  Much gratitude to Dawn and to those that helped guide me down this path, to MotherHeart Studio. 

To schedule Message Therapy contact Ryan Stracci: 267-229-9917


Marlee Moses

Mindful Movement and Meditation

Marlee seeks to create space within her classes that facilitates embodied awareness, personal agency, and introspection to build a steady foundation from which to take thoughtful action. She trained as a certified yoga teacher at Motherheart Sangha in 2018 after ten years of home-based practice, is a birth and post-partum doula, she has been practicing meditation for 15 years and will be beginning a two-year teacher training in mindfulness-based meditation and movement practices beginning February 2021.


Scott Kelly 
Classical Yoga

Scott began practicing yoga in 2008 after running a marathon and suffering from extremely tight muscles. In 2018, he deepened his practice and yoga for him became a way of life as he began practicing off the mat as well. A significant portion of Scott's training in yoga asanas and philosophy comes from MotherHeart Yoga Studio and The Yoga Institute in Mumbai. He teaches yoga to share this practice with others and aims to create a space where others can develop their own personal inner refuge.


Sara Giraldo

Yoga Instructor

Sara is a Certified Yoga Instructor 200hr RYT. She studied with Roe Pietropaula  (The Breathing Room) who taught her ways to make yoga accessible to all body types and needs. Sara has practiced meditation since she was 14 years old after being introduced to this practice by her parents. She became a devoted yoga asana practitioner in 2014, when life challenged her to unexpected and determined changes. She found in yoga peace of mind, and the feeling of being at home, although away from home. Her classes are offered in Spanish (mostly) and English (yoga poses names in English). She creates an environment where students can challenge their bodies in a safety and proprius “close to self” way. 

Sara was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia and has lived in the US for 10 years. She is a beautiful person and compassionate, funny yoga instructor. In her life out of the mat, she is an immigrants advocate in the Philadelphia Area, and enjoys spending time with her little fishtowner family.


Christina Gesualdi 
Classical Yoga

I am a Philly-based yoga teacher, dancer, and choreographer. I make experiential  dance work that researches a certain softness and imaginative off-ness in the body. I am in love with the way Yoga makes space for pluralism, subtlety, (and to use poet C.A. Conrad's title) "deviant propulsion" of the self. I have taught Yoga for over 10 years. I am grateful for over 400hrs of Yoga teacher training and have been a curious student under Marie Ireola, Nicole Bindler, and Dawn at Motherheart for teacher training and the Inner Journey Program. I teach Yoga to senior citizens, undergraduates, and students of all levels at various gyms, Temple University and University of the Arts. I've also led embodied presence Yoga classes for kids at Neighborhood Bike Works Summer Cycling Camp and Girl's Rock Philly Summer Camp.


Mia Murray

Massage Therapist

is a licensed Massage Therapist who attended Cortiva School of Massage Therapy and specializes in Hot Stone Massage as well as Prenatal and deep tissue massage.


Call Mia at 215-285-1795 to book your massage at MotherHeart. 


Erin Filson
Restorative Yoga

Erin first enrolled in a yoga class in college because she needed a few extra credits to round out her semester. She had no idea how life changing and important this practice would be for her! Now, nearly two decades later, Erin is a certified yoga instructor with a focus on slow flow and restorative classes. Maintaining a simple yoga practice has been  instrumental to Erin's personal journey of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Because of this, she hopes to make her classes as welcoming and accessible as possible, with the goal to inspire this same sense of inner peace and well-being in others.


Erin is also a Level 1 Breathwork facilitator and has completed 100 hours of Ayurveda training. She reads tarot cards, studies astrology, and dabbles in spellwork. She loves animals, superheroes, mythology, and coffee. Erin is also an artist and currently works as a graphic designer.


Chandler Price

Sacred Flow Yoga

In every class, Chandler offers her students a mental, physical and emotional reset. She strips the Yoga practice down to its essence and creates space for practitioners of any level to drop-in, trust their experience and fully receive. Chandler custom-tailors each session to complement the energy of the day and what she intuits the human collective is needing most. Her main teaching objectives are to offer crystal-clear cueing, unwavering connection to breath, and medicinal sequences with a sweet mix of strength and surrender.


Chandler is life-long student and spiritual seeker. At age 7, she wrote in her journal about her desire to "Know herself." This quest brought her to many of Philly's finest Yoga teachers, including Amanda Medina, Tara Culp, Alex Auder, Noah Julian, Lilavati, and Dawn of MotherHeart. In addition to her 300+ hours of training (2015-present), Chandler is a certified Aerial Yoga teacher and Lightworker. She currently resides in San Diego, CA and is so grateful for the ability to continue serving her Philly community via Zoom. 

​MotherHeart Yoga Sangha is dedicated to initiating and caring for true seekers on the path of Yoga in a skillful and compassionate way.

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