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Do not abandon yourself  | draw yourself near | Yoga is Integration

A space for healing from the world…

“I find that inevitable healing happens here through discovering internalized systems of oppression and how they show up in our relationships to ourselves and others….and dismantling them. And, that process is not possible without self-compassion and love. So, there is plenty of encouragement toward self-compassion and love here and the tools to cultivate them.” -Dawn/Director of MotherHeart Yoga

 In the willingness to feel, there is healing -Danna Faulds

A space to recover your own natural wisdom…

The word ‘recover’ means to regain consciousness and to return to self-possession. This can happen naturally when folks have space and support, and compassionate guidance. Our body, emotions, energetic pathways, breath, and Spirit all house incredible wisdom to be consulted and trusted. As we learn that we can in fact trust our wisdom, we become resourced people.


accessibility note-there are four steps at our entryway

A Space to grow inner resources for moving through life with a greater sense of skill and ease.

To be resourced is to be equipped with tools that help you stay connected with your values and know how to return back to self-compassion and love. The teachers at MotherHeart are in service of your healing, recovering wisdom, and resourcing yourself. We are lifetime learners and seekers, who are constantly in practice of the tools we share. We are real people, encouraging authenticity, truthfulness, and courage.

The practices offered here are for everyone. Especially those who have not felt like they fit in to the mainstream Yoga Culture.

Fitting in requires us to change ourselves, whereas true belonging requires us to be ourselves. -Brene’ Brown

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Resource the Traveler

New 12 Week Course
beginning in July!


Inner Journey

5-month Spiritual Mentorship and Development program


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Special Events and In Studio classes

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